Experimental Nuclear Physics

Experimental nuclear physics

Professor Chen-Yu Liu focuses primarily on experimental tests of fundamental symmetries via searching for the footprints of exotic particles in low temperature, low energy systems where the parity violating, CP violating, or time reversal violating features may be found.

Professor W. Michael Snow investigates the weak interactions of the neutron for testing fundamental symmetries, conducts precision measurements of coherent scattering lengths in few body systems using neutron interferometry, develops polarized 3He-based neutron polarizers and analyzers, as well as searches for neutron interactions beyond the Standard Model.

Professor Rex Tayloe investigates the properties and interactions of neutrinos. This includes both the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations as well as using the neutrino to probe the structure of the nucleon and nucleus.

Professor Scott Wissink explores how the observed properties of the proton—its mass, momentum, and spin—emerge from the complex, strong interactions of the quarks and gluons that make it up.

Associate Professor Josh Long concentrates on experimental searches for macroscopic forces beyond gravity and electromagnetism at submillimeter length scales, and tests of fundamental symmetries.

Research Scientist Daniel J. Salvat performs research to both put the standard model of particle physics to the test and refine our knowledge of weak interactions in nucleons and nuclei.

Assistant Professor Walter Pettus performs experiments to study fundamental neutrino properties and elucidate their mass.  He is a member of the Project 8 direct neutrino mass experiment, as well as the Majorana Demonstrator and LEGEND 76Ge neutrinoless double beta decay experiments.