Graduate study in Physics

IU’s Department of Physics is known for conducting world-leading research across a wide portfolio of sub-disciplines in physics, while also cultivating knowledge in both graduate and undergraduate students. We pay close attention to mentoring, advising, and professional development. While our research involves inquiry into vast and intractable problems, our department is interactive, friendly, and personal.

Our comprehensive graduate program immerses students in exciting research as part of their work towards a master’s or Ph.D. degree. We also offer an APS-sponsored Bridge Program that enables select students to bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate study. Our diverse curriculum includes coursework in a broad range of disciplines, with exciting courses on the frontiers of biological physics, condensed matter physics, quantum information, general relativity, astrophysics, atomic physics, particle physics, and nuclear physics.

A man wearing safety glasses and gloves while he works in the lab.
A woman working with a young girl at a computer station.
A piece of lab equipment.

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