Experimental Neutrino Physics

Experimental neutrino physics

Professor Mark Messier focuses his research on the experimental study of neutrinos, serves as co-spokesperson for the NOvA experiment, and is a member of the MINOS and MIPP collaborations.

Professor James Musser's research includes work in both experimental neutrino physics and particle astrophysics. Jim’s particle astrophysics program involves measurements of the abundance of cosmic ray radioactive isotopes, which can be used to establish the characteristic timescale for the confinement of cosmic rays in the galaxy.

Professor Rex Tayloe investigates the properties and interactions of neutrinos. This includes both the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations as well as using the neutrino to probe the structure of the nucleon and nucleus.

Professor Jon Urheim's research interests include flavor physics and the weak interaction physics of heavy quarks and leptons; strong interaction physics of hadrons; and searches for non-Standard Model physics via rare processes.

Assistant Professor Walter Pettus performs experiments to study fundamental neutrino properties and elucidate their mass.  He is a member of the Project 8 direct neutrino mass experiment, as well as the Majorana Demonstrator and LEGEND 76Ge neutrinoless double beta decay experiments.