Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Experimental condensed matter physics

Professor David Baxter focuses on materials physics, including x-ray and magneto-transport studies, and on the development of neutron instrumentation and Compact Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources (CANS). Recent studies have focused on single-particle entanglement in neutron beams used in spin-echo scattering angle measurements.

Associate Professor John Carini is an experimentalist exploring the dynamics of electrical conductivity over wide ranges of temperatures and frequencies –mostly in disordered materials, the physics of waves in artificial structures, and magnetic properties in condensed matter systems.

Professor Roger Pynn uses neutron scattering to investigate the structure and dynamics of condensed matter systems. He has worked on structural phase transitions, low-dimensional magnetism, the structures of surfaces and interfaces and on soft matter such as colloids and polymers. Much of his work has involved the use of polarized neutrons and his recent interest has involved the development of new types of instrumentation to exploit neutron polarization both for conventional studies of structure and dynamics in materials and as components for the generation of entangled neutron states.

Professor Paul Sokol’s research focuses on the microscopic structure and dynamics of condensed matter systems using x-ray and neutron scattering techniques. Much of his work involves the study of systems, both classical and quantum, under confinement at the nanoscale which can drastically modify the properties of the confined system. Recent efforts have focused on creating a new experimental platform to study quantum liquids in one dimension.

Associate Professor Shixiong Zhang's research focuses on the rational design, controlled synthesis, and coherent measurement of novel nanostructured materials, with an emphasis on correlated oxides and topological materials. He is particularly interested in the emergent physical properties arising from the nanoscale confinement of the materials.

Research Scientist Garfield Warren is an experimentalist in condensed matter physics whose research interest includes investigating the phase behavior and properties of complex fluids. He is involved in projects that examine and characterize soft material and self-assembled systems using scattering techniques.