P571: Special Topics in Accelerator Physics

This course will cover Topics include Nonlinear beam dynamics, symplectic maps, Lie algebra, Truncated power series algebra, space charge dynamics; Collective beam instabilities, Panofsky-Wenzel theorem of wake fields, Vlasov and Fokker-Planck equations; Beam-Laser interaction, and advanced beam data analysis methods; etc.

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Accelerator modeling and optimization: 1. building lattice models (tracking through common accelerator elements, calculation of lattice functions, etc) , 2. calibration of accelerator lattice with beam-based measurement (orbit response matrix and turn by turn BPM), 3. optimization of lattice design, 4. online optimization of real machines.
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2. Lecture_2_lattice_parameters
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Xiaobiao Huang
3 Beam-beam effect, TPSA, beam laser interaction
1. Beam-Beam interaction
2. laser-Beam Manipulation
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Yue Hao
4 symplectic integration, TPSA, nonlinear beam dynamics; beam laser interaction
1. Simplextic integration
2. Nonlinear Dynamics
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Yichao Jing


Collective Beam Instabilities: Wenzel-Panosky theorem; Definition of wakes and impedances; Theory of Landau damping Various types of intensity dependent instabilities; Microwave instabilities; Robinson instabilities; Head-tail instabilities; Resistive wall instabilities; Beam breakup, etc Transition crossing and negative-mass instabilities; Space-charge driven instabilities and issues; Micro-bunching in rings; Micro-bunching in linacs
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K.Y. Ng
Beam Dynamics Issues: Experimental measurements of nonlinear resonances; Synchrobetatron resonance, and spin dynamics
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S.Y. Lee