P622 Quantum Field Theory
Department of Physics, Indiana University

Taught by: Steven Gottlieb
Meets: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:20 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. in Swain West 220

This course is the second semester of a two semester sequence in Quantum Field Theory. You may examine the syllabus for the course or the syllabus for the second semester of the last previous year I taught P622 by clicking on either hyperlink. Note that I am using a different text this time.

About the Textbook

The textbook Quantum Field Theory by M. Srednick was first published in 2007. You should get the latest printing (2009)from the bookstore. Corrections to the text may be found here .

Material Relating to Lectures Will Appear Here

Slides from lectures 1-4, covering Srednicki Secs. 13-19

A Mathematica notebook (in pdf format) from lecture 3, doing the self-energy integral in Eq. (14.43)

Slides from lectures 4-6, covering Srednicki Secs. 20-28

Slides from lectures 6-8, covering Srednicki Secs. 51-52

Slides from lectures 9-10, covering Srednicki Secs. 61-63 (didn't get all the way to end)

Slides from lectures 11-12, covering Srednicki Secs. 64-65 (didn't get all the way to end)

Slides from lectures 13-14, covering Srednicki Secs. 66-68 and 44

Slides from lectures 14-17, covering Srednicki Secs. 53, 69, 70. We did not complete Sec. 70 and there is also some review material not covered in class.

Slides from lectures 17-18, covering Srednicki Secs. 71-72 and some review

Slides from lecture 20, covering Srednicki Sec. 73 (a Nobel prize winning calculation)

Ultraviolet Behavior of Non-Abelian Gauge Theories, by DJ Gross and F Wilczek

Reliable Perturbative Results for Strong Interactions?, by HD Politzer

Slides from lectures 21-22, covering Srednicki Secs. 74 and 32

Slides from lectures 22-23, covering Srednicki Secs. 84 to 87

Broken Symmetry and the Mass of Gauge Vector Mesons, by F. Englert and R. Brout

Broken Symmetries and the Masses of Gauge Bosons, by PW Higgs

Global Conservation Laws and Massless Particles, by GS Guralnik, CR Hagen, and TW Kibble

Slides from lecture 24, covering Srednicki Sec. 88

A Model of Leptons, by S. Weinberg

Slides from lecture 25, covering Srednicki Sec. 89

CP-Violation in the Renormalizable Theory of Weak Interaction, by M. Kobayashi and T. Maskawa

Lattice Field Theory

Confinement of quarks, by K. Wilson

Confinement and the Critical Dimensionality of Space-Time, by M. Creutz

Nonperturbative QCD simulations with 2+1 flavors of improved staggered quarks by A. Bazavov et al.

Computerized Feynman Diagrams

Website for FeynRules

Manual for FeynRules

A comprehensive approach to new physics simulations by ND Christensen et al.

Homework Assignments Will Appear Below As They Are Assigned
Homework 6 (due February 1)
Homework 7 (due February 17)
Homework 8 (due March 8)
Homework 9 (due April 7)
Homework 10 (due April 21)

Feel free to look at the problems assigned previously. Since we are using a new textbook, don't expect old assignments to be of great relevance as the order of topics has changed.

Homework assignments from Spring 1997
Homework 7 (posted January 14)
Homework 8 (posted February 1; due February 13)
Homework 9 (handed out in class; due March 6)
Homework 10 (handed out in class; due April 22)
Homework 11 (handed out in class; due May 6)

Homework assignments from 1996

Homework 7 (posted January 16)
Homework 8 (posted February 5)
Homework 9 (posted February 22)
Homework 10 (posted March 24)
Homework 11 (posted April 22)