P511 Quantum Mechanics
Department of Physics, Indiana University
Fall, 2008

Final exam is in SW21 on Tuesday December 16 at 8 a.m.

Here is the cover sheet showing the formulae you will have available. You will also have the sheet of Clebsch-Gordan coefficients from the Particle Data Book that was shown in class.
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Instructor: Steven Gottlieb
Meets: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:10 a.m. to 12:05 p.m. in Swain West 217
Grader: Hamed Shojaei


This is a first year graduate course in Quantum Mechanics. Course policies and a bibliography are detailed in the syllabus for the course.

About the Textbook

The textbook is Modern Quantum Mechanics by J.J. Sakurai. We are using the Revised Edition, published by Addison Wesley (1994). I expect to cover the first 3-4 chapters in P511.

Topics Covered


States of a quantum mechanical system
Kets, bras, and operators
Position and Momentum
Wave Functions

Quantum Dynamics

Time evolution and the Schrodinger equation
Schrodinger and Heisenberg Pictures
Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Path Integrals

Angular Momentum

Rotation group, Euler angles, SO(3), SU(2)
Spin-1/2 systems
Commutation Relations
Eigenstates of angular momentum
Addition of angular momentum
Clebsch-Gordon coefficients
Wigner-Eckart theorem

Symmetries (to be covered as time allows)

Conservation laws
Time reversal

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Material Relating to Lectures Will Appear Here

(PDF) Notes for Lecture 1 - Introduction and Historical Perspective (September 2).

Magnetic Moments of the Alkali Metal Atoms, John B. Taylor, Phys. Rev. 28, 576 - 583 (1926) .

(PDF) Stern and Gerlach: How a Bad Cigar Helped Reorient Atomic Physics

Notes related to derivation of Eq. (3.7.54) discussed Thursday, November 20, 2008. .

Homework Assignments Will Appear Below

Homework Assignment 1 (Due Thursday, September 11, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 2 (Due Tuesday, September 16, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 3 (Due Tuesday, September 23, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 4 (Due Tuesday, September 30, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 5 (Due Tuesday, October 7, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 6 (Due Thursday, October 23, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 7 (Due Tuesday, October 28, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 8 (Due Tuesday, November 4, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 9 (Due Tuesday, November 11, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 10 (Due Tuesday, November 18, 2008) .

Homework Assignment 11 (Due Tuesday, December 9, 2008) .