The QCD Song*

By James Hartle

(To the tune of O' Tannenbaum)

On the lattice we will be

'Till we solve it, QCD

Dimensions come and dimensions go

But there's one thing that we know

Beyond four we're not meant to see

So it's in four that we'll always be

Hail to thee, oh, QCD

To thee we pledge our loyalty!

*written on the occasion of the 60th birthday celebration of Bob and Joan Sugar. Hartle shares the same birthday with the Sugars but is a year younger. He has recently taken to saying that he is much younger than they are. Unfortunately, Hartle does not have access to the sophisticated MILC data analysis codes. If he did, he would undoubtedly realize that the age difference, a 50% effect in 1940, is now less than a 2% effect. We wish them all well and hope that in the future the effect will be reduced below 1%.