For the ATLAS experiment at CERN we are building a hardware interlock which cuts power to the TRT electronics if thermistors indicate a cooling system failure.
A breadboard version of the "compare" board was tested:

A printed circuit version has been built:

64 copies have been installed in the ATLAS detector at CERN:

Currently under construction is a "Logic Box" which receives signals from all the compare boards and cuts power to the front end electronics if the thermistors indicate a cooling system failure. The box contains 2 copies of the "receive" board:

The surface mount components on these printed circuit boards have been installed using a selective assembly robot made by BeamWorks:

This robot dispenses solder paste, places components, and reflows the solder with infrared lasers.
Here are some movies of the robot in action:

Note that the CCD image sensors in the camera are very sensitive to infrared; the "welding torch" appearance when soldering is an artifact.

Here is a picture of the receive board with front and back panels:

More information about this project is available here and here.

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