James A. Musser

Indiana University, Department of Physics, Bloomington, IN 47405, U.S.A.



Office: Swain West 303

E-mail: musser@astro.indiana.edu

Phone: (812)-855-9933 Fax: (812)-855-5533

I am member of the High Energy Astrophysics (HEAp) group

My current research interests include the following.

MINOS is an experiment based at Fermilab which is designed to search for oscillations between the muon and tau neutrino. This experiment covers a range of tau neutrino mass and mixing angles which has not been explored previously, and which several astrophysical observations indicate as the most likely place to find a massive tau neutrino. This experiment will come on line in 2005.

HEAT (High Energy Antimatter Telescope) is a program of balloon-based experiments which will measure the spectrum of Cosmic Ray positrons, electrons, antiprotons, and protons at high energy. The HEAT instrument was flown for the first time in the spring of 1994 in a configuration designed to measure the Cosmic Ray positron and electron abundances. The results of this flight indicate that the rise in the positron fraction at high energies, observed by previous studies, is not present.

QUEST GRAVITATIONAL LENS SURVEY is an experiment being carried out in collaboration with a group at Yale University. For this experiment, a very large format CCD camera is being constructed for use on a 1 m Schmidt telescope in Venezuela. The instrument is designed to carry out a sensitive search for gravitationally-lensed quasars. A large statistics sample of these systems would provide a measurement of the size and matter density of the universe. The first data taking run now underway, weather permitting.  We are now in the final stages of construction of
a second phase camera, to be installed on the Oschin Telescope at Mt. Palomar.

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