Brief Bio


As a member of the Physics department for many years, I have had the opportunity to serve on most departmental committees at one time or another.  These have included, for example, the curriculum committees for our undergraduate and graduate programs and the department's elected Executive Committee.  I have also had the opportunity to serve on many important University-wide committees, and held the important position of co-Associate Budget Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences for three years.

Below are a few comments about some of these activities.


Over the years, I have been much involved in outreach to Indiana high schools (through visitation, tutoring in the Bloomington Volunteer Action Program, and as mentor via the Internet).  In recognition of my extensive efforts at local schools (K-12), I twice received public recognition from the local Monroe County Community Schools Corporation.


I have regularly participated in the department's Open House which nowadays attracts almost 1000 high school students and teachers.  The attendance, of course, was not always this high.  I recall for example the efforts made years ago (when I chaired the outreach committee) that involved phoning every physics high school teacher within a radius of 50 miles! The attendance subsequently made a quantum leap from a struggling 100 to almost 400, and continued to grow steadily thereafter.  That was also the time when the hands-on activity areas were coordinated into an 'Exploratorium.'  Another of my ideas was to introduce a special luncheon get-together for all the high school teachers attending the Open House -- just to get to know one another and to share their interests and concerns. This became very popular. (Unfortunately my Occasional Newsletter to high school teachers did not survive, but with everyone connected to the Internet, I strongly believe this idea should be pursued further.)

Particularly satisfying to me were the two successful Open House demonstration lectures I have given - Light Physics and (dressed as Sir Isaac) My Three Laws.  Neither was a magic-show, but rather each followed a specific, cohesive theme.  I have also given a general talk on gravity, devised an electrocardiogram display, organized a rainbow display/presentation, and provided a large number of physics hand-outs (What are Quarks? Heavy Light, The Heart and its Electrical Activity, The Rainbow etc.).


Apart from the Open House, I have given talks and presentations to various groups of students and often their parents as part of the University's recruitment program (Red Carpet Days) or Orientation Week. As an Honors College faculty member, I used to be a regular member of selection committees in the Honors College as well as the university's prestigious Hermann B. Wells scholarship program.


As chair and member of the Faculty/Student/Staff Relations Committee, I helped initiate a number of new social activities. These included a Holiday Party with live music, dancing and faculty/student performances; Fall and Spring hikes; pizza/games evenings; ice-skating; and a successful Hale-Bopp comet viewing event. As the department chair acknowledged at the time, these activities were much-needed morale boosters for the department.


It has been a pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to serve on a number of important committees on campus, such as:

  • The elected Policy Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences (chair for one year).  One of the important actions taken while I served as chair was to develop well-defined criteria and procedures dealing with the major reorganization or elimination of departments and programs, a major concern at the time
  • Search and Screen Committee for Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • The campus Budgetary Affairs Committee (co-chair for one year)
  • The Dean of Faculties' Tenure Committee
  • The committee to review IU (Bloomington) Chancellor and Vice President
  • The elected Faculty Board of Review, the highest level of appeal for faculty grievances
  • The Nomination Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council, one of whose major achievements in 1998-1999 (while I served as chair) was to develop a complete revision of the university's Review Procedures for IU (Bloomington) Administrators
  • The Educational Policy Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council
  • The Faculty Affairs Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council

    During 1985-88, I had the privilege of being the co-Associate Budget Dean for the entire College of Arts and Sciences.  Altogether, the College has about forty-five departments and programs.  Its budget is about two-thirds of that for the whole campus.


    Before my retirement, I was an active member of the local chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. I served as its treasurer for three years (1996-1999).