Charles J. Horowitz
Personel Page

Phone: (812)855-2959
Wife: Cecelia
Children: Olivia and Nicky

A picture of some of the old Stanford people August 1997.

Image of Hale Bopp and other comets taken with an 8" telescope and a home made CCD see comet page.

A bright supernova and Jupiter in Nov 03, 1999. Click here

Some recent galaxy images from 1997.

A bright supernova in Ngc3877, Apr 2, 1998 ('star' to lower right of galaxy center) Some spring supernovae in 1997.

Fast moving neutron star... Geminga

For other astronomical pictures see CCD page.

It's a girl and then a Boy!

Olivia Fuzhen Horowitz born 2/8/95 and adopted 8/12/95 from Hangzhou, China. Home made CCD image with a 200 mm telephoto lens.

 Nicholas Simon Horowitz born 4/26/96 in Bonn Germany. For more baby pictures see Family pictures or Babies in Bonn!