Name arrive depart Institution Title Email
Adelberger Eric ?? ?? University of Washington Parity Violation in Hadronic Systems and Overview
ALBERICO Wanda Maria 6/11 6/16 Torino
Arvieux Jacques 6/4 6/10 Orsay
Auerbach Naftali 6/4 6/11 Tel Aviv Calculations of Anapole Moments naftali@TAUPHY.TAU.AC.IL
Bass Steven 6/5 6/16 Muenchen PV in \nu-p Elastic Scattering
Beck Doug 6/4 6/8 Univ. of Illionois G0
Bedaque Paulo 6/11 6/17 INT PV in Compton Scattering From Proton
Birchall Jim 6/8 6/16 Manitoba
Blessinger Chris Indiana
Blundell Steve 6/5 6/14 CEA Paris Atomic theory of parity nonconservation in Cs
Bouchiat Marie-Anne 6/7 6/11 Paris "The Paris PV experiment in cesium using detection by stimulated emission: Progress report "
Bowman David J 6/2 6/17 LANL Precision study of neutron beta decay
Brown Alex 6/8 6/10 MSU How well do we know the neutron density in 208Pb?
Carlini Roger 6/4 6/10 Jlab Low E Tests of Standard Model
Carlson Joesph 6/12 6/17 LANL Theory of Parity Violation in Neutron-Helium-4 Scattering
Desplanques Bertrand 6/11 6/16 INS Grenoble PV in Nuclear Systems
Evershiem Paul-Dieter 6/12 6/16 Bonn Planned p-p PV Experiments at Cosy
Flambaum Victor 6/11 6/17 University of New South Wales Nuclear Anapole Moments and Tests of the Standard Model in Atomic Physics Experiments
Furnstahl Richard 6/4 6/10 OSU Neutron Densities in Effective Field Theory
Ginges Jacinda S.M. 6/11 6/17 UNSW Enhancement of parity violation in heavy atoms
HAMA Shinichi 6/4 6/11 Hiroshima
Hammer Hans-Werner 6/4 6/11 OSU Strange Form Factors of the Nucleon
Hayes Anna 6/10 6/16 LANL Theoretical Issues in Extracting Weak Meson-Nucleon Couplings from the Epithermal Neutron Scattering Data
Henley Ernie 6/13 6/17 UW Panel
Holstein Barry 6/5 6/13 UMASS Theoretical Issues Regarding PV in Hadronic Systems
Horowitz Charles 6/4 6/17 Indiana PV Measurements of Neutron Densities, PV in Supernovae
Kishimoto Tadafumi 6/11 6/15 Osaka Measuring Weak Hyperon Production
Kowalski Stan 6/4 6/11 MIT
Kumar Krishna 6/4 6/10 U Mass Plans for SLAC-E158: Parity Nonconservation in Moller Scattering
Lalazissis Georgios 6/4 6/9 Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki in Greece Georgios_Lalazissis@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Lattimer Jim 6/13 6/17 Stony Brook The Implications of the Determination of the Radius of a Neutron Star
Leinweber Derek 6/4 6/10 Adelaide Strange Quarks on the Lattice
Maas Frank 6/4 6/11 Mainz PV at Mainz
Makdisi Jousef 6/11 6/18 BNL Proton-Proton Parity Violation Experiments at the AGS and RHIC
Markoff Diane 6/10 6/18 TUNL PV spin rotation in helium and hydrogen
McKeown Robert 6/4 6/7 Cal Tech Recent SAMPLE Results
Meissner Ulf 6/5 6/11 Juelich PV meson-nucleon couplings from chiral soliton models
Michaels Robert 6/4 6/10 Jlab Parity Violating Measurements of Neutron Densities
Miller Gerry 6/11 6/17 UW PV in pp Scattering from Low to High Energies
Molinari Alfredo 6/11 6/16 Torino Parity Violation in Delta Region
Niskanen J 6/6 6/16 Helsinki Effects of Inelasticity and Two-Pion Exchange in PV pp scattering
Page Shelly 6/11 6/17 Manitoba Parity Violation in Proton-proton scattering at 221 MeV
Parreno Assumpta 6/8 6/17 INT Weak Hyperon Production
Pollock Steve 6/4 6/11 Colorado Sensitivity of atomic parity violation to nuclear structure pollock@stretto.Colorado.EDU
Ramsey-musolf Mike 6/5 6/17 uconn Low E Tests of Standard Model, PV in Hadronic Systems and Standard Model
Ring Peter 6/5 6/9 Munich Relativistic Theory of Neutron and Proton Densities far from the Valley of beta-Stability Peter_Ring@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Sandars Pat 6/8 6/14 Oxford A parametric approach to nuclear size and shape in atomic parity nonconservation
Sharapov Eduard 6/11 6/16 TUNL Matrix elements of the weak interaction in compound nuclei: the TRIPLE collaboration study
Sick Ingo 6/7 6/10 Basel Determination of Proton and Neutron Densities
Simonius Markus 6/13 6/16 ETH Zuerich Panel
Smotritsky Lev 6/4 6/18 Petersburg Nuc. Phys. Institute Sign of PV Observables in Neutron Induced Reactions
Snow Mike 6/10 6/18 Indiana PV Gamma-Ray Asymmetry in np-> d-gamma
Souder Paul 6/4 6/9 Syracuse HAPPEX
Springer Roxanne 6/11 6/18 Duke Effective Field Theory of the NN Interaction with Applications to PV Observables
Stalnaker Jason 6/4 6/17 Berkeley Atomic parity expt
Tayloe Rex 6/4 6/10 LANL A Measuerment of G_s with LSND
Tieulent Raphael 6/4 6/9 Institut des Sciences Nucleaires, Grenoble
Vanoers Wim 6/8 6/17 Manitoba Panel
Vretenar Dario 6/4 6/9 Zagreb Parity violating elastic e scat. and neu. density distributions in the Rel. Hartree-Bogoliubov Model Dario_Vretenar@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Welliver Marc 6/4 6/17 Colorado  Estimates of nP_3/2-5D_3/2 Mixing in Atomic Parity Nonconservation in Barium
Wilburn Scott 6/10 6/16 LANL The Nuclear Anapole Moment and the Weak Pion-Nucleon Coupling
Wojtsekhowski Bogdan 6/11 6/17 Jlab Helicity Dependence in Photodisintegration of the Deuteron
Zeps Valdis Kentucky Parity Violation in S_D Shell