Preliminary Schedule for the first week of the workshop "Parity Violation
in Atomic, Nuclear and Hadronic Systems"

Note, this is subject to change. Titles sometimes are only suggestions.  Talk times include one third for discussion.
The first week will start at 9:00 on June 5 and end by 18:00 June 9.

Monday, June 5, 2000

am: P. Souder (Syracuse), HAPPEX    [1 hour 15 min.]
      H.W. Hammer (Ohio State), Strange Form Factors of  the Nucleon.  [45 min.]
      R. McKeown (Cal Tech), Recent SAMPLE Results.  [1hour 15 min.]

pm: D. Leinweber (Adelaide), A Lattice QCD Calculation of the Strangeness Magnetic Moment of the Nucleon. [1 hour 15 min]
      R. Tayloe (LANL), A Measurement of G_s with LSND. [45 min.]
      S. Bass (Munich), Parity-violating neutrino-proton scattering and proton spin structure. [45 min.]

Tuesday, June 6

am: D. Beck (Illinois), G0. [1 hour 15 min.]
      J. Arvieux (Orsay), TBA. [45 min.]
      F. Maas (Mainz), The A4 Mainz Parity Violation Experiment. [45 min.]

pm: M. Ramsey-Musolf (U Conn),  Low Energy Tests of Standard Model. [1 hour 15 min.]
      R. Carlini (Jlab),  Low Energy Tests of the Standard Model. [45 min.]
      K. Kumar (U Mass),  Plans for SLAC-E158: Parity Nonconservation in Moller Scattering. [45 min.]

Wednesday, June 7

am: R. Michaels (Jlab), Parity Violating Measurements of Neutron Densities. [1 hour 15 min.]
      C. Horowitz (Indiana), Interpretation of Neutron Density Measurements. [1 hour 15 min.]

pm: I. Sick (Basel), Determining Charge and Neutron Densities. [1 hour 15 min.]
      S. Pollock (Colorado), Sensitivity of atomic parity violation to nuclear structure. [45 min.]
      M. Welliver (Colorado), Effects of Spatial Neutron Distributions on Low Energy Parity-Violating Observables. [30 min.]

Thursday, June 8

am: R. Furnstahl (Ohio State), Neutron Densities in Effective Field Theory. [1 hour 15 min.]
      P. Ring (Munich), Relativistic Theory of Neutron and Proton Densities far from the Valley of beta-Stability. [45 min.]
      D. Vretner (Zagreb), Parity violating elastic electron scattering and neutron density distributions in the Relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov Model. [45 min.]

pm: A. Brown (MSU), How well do we know the neutron density  in 208Pb? [1 hour 15 min.]
      N. Auerbach (Tel Aviv), Calculations of Anapole Moments. [45  min.]
      U. Meissner (Juelich), Parity Violating meson-nucleon couplings in a chiral soliton model. [45 min.]

Friday, June 9

am: S. Blundell (CEA Paris) Atomic theory of parity nonconservation in Cs. [1 hour]
      M.-A. Bouchiat (Paris), The Paris PV experiment in cesium using detection by stimulated emission: Progress report.  [1 hour]
      J. Stalnaker (Berkeley), Atomic PNC experiments at Berkeley. [45 min.]
      P. Sandars (Oxford), A parametric approach to nuclear size and shape in atomic parity nonconservation. [30 min.]

pm: J. Erler (U Penn),  Z' Physics, Supersymmetry, and Electroweak Precision Data [1 hour 15 min.]
      Panel: What are the most important experiments and calculations?
      Panel members:   R. Carlini (Jlab), S. Kowalski (MIT), K. Kumar (U Mass),  M. Ramsey-Musolf (U Conn), P. Sandars (Oxford), I. Sick (Basel)
      Moderator: C. Horowitz (Indiana)


IMPORTANT: talk times include one third time for discussions.