Physics 621-622 (Old page!)
Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I-II

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TR 12:20-2:15PM (Section 3546)
Swain West 218
Instructor: Mike Berger

Phone: (812) 855-2609
Email: berger@gluon.physics.indiana.edu
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Office Hours: T2:15-4:15and by appt.
Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I-II (P621-622): Introduction to quantum field theory, symmetry, Feynman diagrams, quantum electrodynamics, renormalization, non-Abelian gauge field theory, classical properties, quantization and renormalization, symmetries and their roles, and nonperturbative methods.

o Text

M. Peskin and R. Schroeder, An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.

Errata to Text

o Other Useful Reference Material

V. B. Berestetskii, et al., Quantum Electrodynamics [on reserve].

J.D. Bjorken and S.D. Drell, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics [on reserve].

J.D. Bjorken and S.D. Drell, Relativistic Quantum Fields [on reserve].

L. Brown, Quantum Field Theory [on reserve].

F. Gross, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory [on reserve].

B. Hatfield, Quantum Field Theory of Point Particles and Strings [on reserve].

C. Itzykson and J. Zuber, Quantum Field Theory[on reserve].

M. Kaku, Quantum Field Theory: A Modern Introduction [on reserve].

P. Ramond, Field Theory: A Modern Primer [on reserve].

L. Ryder, Quantum Field Theory[on reserve].

J. J. Sakurai, Advanced Quantum Mechanics.

S. Weinberg, Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol. 1 & 2 [on reserve].

J. Zinn-Justin, Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena.

o Problem Sets

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Problem Set 10

Take Home Exam (Due December 8, 1997)

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Problem Set 18

Take Home Exam (Due April 30, 1998)

o Grading

70% Problem Sets, 30% Take Home Exam.

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