Physics 202
General Physics II

o Feedback and Grades

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MWF 8:00-8:50AM
Swain West 119
Instructor: Jim Musser

Office: Swain West 303
Phone: (812) 855-9933
Email: musser@bigbang.astro.indiana.edu
WWW: http://physics.indiana.edu/~musser/aboutme.html
Office Hours: W and F12:30-1:30, or by appointment

MWF 12:20-1:10PM
Swain West 007
Instructor: Mike Berger

Office: Swain West 225
Phone: (812) 855-2609
Email: berger@gluon.physics.indiana.edu
WWW: http://physics.indiana.edu/~berger/aboutme.html
Office Hours: W and F1:10-2:10PM and F3:00-4:00 in Physics Forum

o Text

Douglas C. Giancoli, Physics 4th ed.


o Course Content

The lectures will cover chapters 16 and 25 inclusive. This material covers electricity and magnetism, then geometrical and physical optics. (The topics in modern physics: special relativity, atomic physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter, physics and fundamental physics are covered in the course P300. P300 is also an intensive writing class). o

o Incomplete

An incomplete will only be given for P202 if the work is substantially complete but cannot be finished on time due to unavoidable circumstances. A withdrawal from P202 with an automatic W must be complete before October 30 @ 4:00 pm.

o Homework

Each homework assignment, given on the assignment sheet, will be collected before class on Monday of the week following the assignment. Homework is handed in by placing it in the appropriate slot in the bin @ the back of SW 119 for Musser's class, or in SW 007 for Berger's class. Handing a homework in after the beginning of class risks getting it mixed up with homework from later classes, placing it in a state most properly described as 'hopelessly lost'. Homework which have not been lost in this way will be returned the following Monday in the bins outside SW 119. LATE HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Two of the problems, selected at random, will be graded. In order to receive credit you must show your work completely and neatly. We strongly suggest using pencil, and stapling the sheets together. The time honored technique of bending the sheets together at the corner has been shown to be an inferior means of attaching homework sheets ( not to mention resulting in a stack of homework which is about 3 feet high at the corner) - use it at your own risk. The homework score will provide 15% of the total course score. The solutions to the problems will be posted in SW 246. Any question about a homework score must be cleared up within one week of the day the homework is returned.

o Laboratory

The laboratory manual is changed often. Purchase one that has the P202 Fall 1996 cover. You are allowed to drop ONE lab during the semester. If you need to miss more than one lab, it may be possible to attend a different lab in any given week. You must arrange that in advance with the laboratory coordinator:
William Krejci
SW 115
Email: willyk@indiana.edu
The lab score will count 20% of the total course score. All problems involving the lab should be taken first to Mr. Krejci. If he can't work the problem out with you, then and only then talk to us about it.

o Exams

There will be four in term exams. They will each occur on a Friday. These exams will take place during the class period in SW119 or SW007. The chapters covered on each exam are on the assignment sheet. The final exam will be 8:00 to 10:00 on Dec. 16. We will announce the room assignments for the final exam when we receive them. Each of the first 4 exams will consist of 12 multiple choice questions. Only the answer counts, no partial credit. No deduction for incorrect answers, so make sure you answer all of the questions. The final exam will have 24 multiple choice questions. The exams will be closed book. You may use one 3" x 5" card of information for each. The final exam will count twice as much as any of the first four exams. the five exams will contribute 65% of the total score. Makeup exams will be allowed only under the most extraordinary of situations. If you want to take a shot at this you better be creative, because we've heard them all.

o Course Grading

In determining the course letter grade, we look at two scales. o
We use one of these or a combination of both depending on how the class performs. As the class progresses you will periodically be given a projected course grade. You can check your grades for the course by going to the Post'em grade reporting system.

o Academic Services

The academic services office is in
SW 132
Hours: 9:00 - 11:55, 1:00 - 4:00

o Physics Forum

A tutor room has been provided for students in P201/202 and P221/222. It is in SW246 and is called the Physics forum. It will be staffed by graduate students and faculty for about 30 hours each week. The staffing schedule will be posted on the door. You are urged to make use of the room for assistance with homework problems and for exam preparation.

o WWW P202 home page

In this day and age, no endeavor would be complete without a world wide web home page. The address for the page you are reading is http://physics.indiana.edu/~berger/p202.html. This page contains the syllabus, a place for student feedback, and eventually exam results. Keep in mind the recent law prohibiting profanity of any sort on the internet when you post your feedback. o
This page was created by Mike Berger and Jim Musser.